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Exercise and arthritis

Two-thirds of those with arthritis are younger than 65.

Research conducted at Ohio State University shows that exercise can trigger physiological changes that decrease inflammation and lessen the impact of the condition.

Researchers say exercise stimulates anti-inflammatory effects over a 24-hour period, which highlights the need for regular, frequent workouts.

Weight Loss Challenge Winner

Weight Loss Challenge Winner!!!
Congratulations on losing 23 pounds and 15.5 total inches in 7 weeks!!!
Amazing work!

High Intensity Interval Training Burns Fat Fast

High-Intensity interval training - performing repetitions of a series of high-intensity exercise bouts followed by rest - builds up your fitness levels and DECREASES FAT faster than longer aerobic training.  Training at this higher intensity level can be done on a treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machine, elliptical or with no machine involved. You can increase your endurance, power and strength in a fraction of the time than the traditional aerobic workout. 
No two people are the same when it comes to levels of intensity.

Crunches Don't Cut Fat

I have come across clients or random exercisers who insist that the best way to carve a tight midsection is through endless repetitions of abdominal exercises.  Here's a study that may help those to understand that it takes more than crunches to get that six-pack.

Researchers from the department of kinesiology and health education at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, had one goal: to determine the effect, if any, of abdominal exercises on abdominal fat. Two groups of people were gathered for the study.

Runner's Knee and Faulty Biomechanics

“Runner’s knee” is a term that describes a painful and sometimes debilitating ailment of the knee present in a quarter of active people. Researchers identified several circumstances associated with the condition: weak hamstrings and quadriceps increased the probability of developing runner’s knee. Prevention programs should focus on increasing strength of the lower-extremity musculature along with proper mechanics.

Eating Before Exercise Promotes Fat Loss

Glycogen, otherwise known as sugar, within the muscles and liver decrease in the night as you sleep. Conventional wisdom suggests that exercising on an empty stomach would promote fat burning and weight loss.

A study from the University of Padua in Italy found the opposite to be true: physical activity after a light meal WORKED BEST best for losing body fat. Researchers studied fat metabolism in 8 males who ran on a treadmill at 65% of their maximum heart rate for 36 minutes on two different occasions - either without eating and after a light breakfast.

Treadmill Running Burns More Calories Than Track Running

Running is one of the best ways to lose fat and improve fitness. Many people prefer running on a treadmill at home or in the gym because its more convenient than running on the track or at the park. 
A University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire study found that people burn more calories and consume more oxygen when they run on a treadmill at a 1% grade and a self-selected pace compared to when they run on the track. Treadmills force you to exercise at a specific pace, while you can slow down when you get tired on a track.

Find Your Motivation

Why is it that January 1st the day when everyone seems to decide to begin being healthy, to lose weight, to get in shape? Where does this magical motivation come from?  One theory: it's a great time for "my fresh start," a new beginning. Why does that motivation drop off around April and how do we keep that from happening this year? My answer: find your motivation and keep it in sight!
Find your motivation in other places to keep it alive.  Like pictures in magazines of fitness models, pictures of people moving or dancing that make you want to get up and DO SOMETHING!

Vibration Training Does Nothing for Weight Loss

Some vibration exercise equipment manufacturers claim that 10 minutes of "training" on a vibration platform is the same as doing one hour of cardio. This is not true according to research from Massey University in New Zealand's (Scandinavian Journal Medicine Science Sports).  No 10-minute vibration exercise program will promote much fat loss.  The effects of vibration training on your metabolism is less than walking or jogging.  So, if you are considering buying cardio equipment, then beware:  the claim that vibration training reduces body fat is ridiculous and fraudulent.

How Dedicated Are You to Your Training-A Quiz

How Dedicated Are You to Your Training.

How many of these describe YOU?

1. If, on a job application, under "Previous Employment," you've listed weight training and under "Hobbies" you've listed your actual previous employment.

2. If you've ever made yourself so sore that it either takes you a full minute to sit on the toilet or you have to fall down onto it.

3. If you've been banned from an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, especially on a leg day.

4. If you've ever broken a bone and tried to "train around it.

Weight Training Burns Fat

It's a common mistaken belief that cardio should be done primarily if you have a lot of weight to lose, maybe even before starting a weight-training program. Actually, the opposite is true, weight training always accelerates fat loss. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue that burns fat. Lifting weights builds muscle and is a necessary part of every fat loss program. This doesn't mean that you need to lift like an Olympic champion. It simply means that weight training is necessary when your goal is fat loss.

Flatten Tummy With These Tricks

Does your stomach puff out somewhat, despite strict dieting and exercise? Check your standing posture. Stand straight. See if you can keep a book balanced on your head while walking. How do you sit at work? At home at the computer? While watching TV? Don't slump in your chair. Slouching or slumping will accentuate tummy fat. Sit straight and you'll look trimmer.

Good sitting and standing posture will strengthen lower back muscles, and stronger lower back muscles will make you more efficient at performing ab-targeting exercises as well as fat-blasters like deadlifts and barbell squats.