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Personal Training Packages Include:

1.  FREE fitness assessment. 

2.  FREE weekly meal plan emailed to you.  Meal plans are based on your specific health goals and includes daily meal-by-meal recipes with nutritional information/calories, and an all inclusive grocery list.  

3.  Daily personal trainer support when you need it! Trainer support during the workouts AND after, keeping you on track until you reach your fitness goal.

4.  Detailed fitness progress reports every 4-6 weeks. 

5.  Private exercise studio to workout with your trainer.  No staring strangers or overwhelming rows of machines.

6.  Flexible hours for those who work long days. 

7.  Safety accommodations for those with physical limitations.

8.  Structured goal planning for time specific deadlines for upcoming events. 

9. Ongoing support after you have reached your goals. 

10.  Complimentary towel and water service.

11.  Periodic incentives including free personal training sessions.

12.  Assisted stretching by personal trainer for injury prevention, cool down and post-exercise relaxation.

13.  Relaxing spa-like atmosphere during cool down and post-exercise relaxation. 

Be Envied Personal Training.  Shawnee Personal Trainer.


Be Envied Personal Training
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