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Heather is not only an amazing trainer, she is an amazing person. Each workout was unique and I never knew what to expect. She always kept it interesting by changing our routine and introducing new exercises. One of my favorite things about training with Heather was the comfort level I had with her. Since the training is one on one, she gets to know you, your strengths, your weaknesses, and anything in between she can learn about you. She uses that knowledge to meet you where you are and encourage/push you towards meeting your goals. She helped me lose over 30 pounds and 30 inches.

I found Heather at a time in my life (preparing for my wedding) when my stress was maxed out. She offered more than just training; she gave me advice about sleep, balance, minimizing stress, the importance of getting enough calories and the importance of taking time away from 'busy life' to focus on myself. She also has a great sense of humor and we shared plenty of laughter throughout our training. I was blessed to find Heather and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to train with her. If you're serious about meeting your health goals - connect with Heather today.
Miranda Elliott via Google September 2017

Be Envied Personal Training is the place to go! My high school daughter and I have trained with Be Envied Personal Training for 2 years now.

I was searching for a place for my high school daughter to strength train for her sport. Heather watched her videos and recognized key areas where she was compensating for undeveloped muscles resulting in knee pain. Heather worked with her to strengthen those areas, which corrected all the knee pain.

For me, I wanted to lose a few pounds and was not able to do it on my own, so I thought I might benefit from personal training. I started in mid-August and I committed to follow the instructions until Christmas and see what happened. By Christmas, I had lost 19 lbs.! Over the past two years I have ‘downsized’ 31 combined inches. Who doesn’t want that?? This place is amazing!
Pam George via Google September 2017

Be Envied Personal Training is awesome! The workouts are designed for me to meet my goals and I see results. Heather is a great coach and makes training very enjoyable!
Dana George via Google September 2017

After going through one of the most stressful years of my life (2014-2015) and gaining 30 pounds in a matter of only 6 months, I knew I had to make changes to my lifestyle and start exercising and eating better but had no idea actually how to exercise or eat better to meet my goals. I started with asking google for the "best personal trainer in Joliet" and Heather's website and reviews popped up. After reading through everything and being thoroughly impressed, I contacted her and set up an assessment. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!

Heather is very easy to connect with, and I immediately felt open and at ease with her the first time we met. I worked with her in person for 2 years (I continue to do her online training since she's moved) and have lost 30 pounds and over 40 inches to date!

She is extremely knowledgeable as a personal trainer, and I'm always impressed how she pinpoints exactly which muscles are weak. She customizes your exercises based upon your ability and focuses on strengthening those weaker muscles first to ensure you are able to have correct form when you move on to more intense routines. In my case, one of the things she found that was that my knees always liked to turn in when doing we started doing step-ups, squats and lunges. We worked together over months to finally correct that!

During my sessions, Heather always managed to make me laugh while getting me to work hard at the same time. She is always introducing you to new exercises and no two sessions are ever the same. That definitely keeps you moving forward and keeps you from getting bored!

Beyond exercise itself, Heather realizes the importance of diet in achieving fitness goals and living a healthy life. She gives you a customized meal plan to follow each week and works with you to find the best ways to incorporate healthy eating into your life. She will change calorie and macronutrient amounts based upon your progress and fitness goals (i.e. increasing protein intake goal for muscle building phases).

One of things I most appreciated is that she is flexible and understanding if unforeseen circumstances come up and you have to reschedule. She also has a wide variety of training hours which was great for me because my work schedule and shifts are different every week. Moreover, she is easy to contact outside of one-on-one sessions for any questions or advice you need regarding exercise or nutrition plans and always responds in a timely manner.

Heather is a wonderful person in addition to being a gem of a personal trainer. She has helped me to achieve my goals and lead a healthier life, and I'm so incredibly grateful for her expertise and guidance! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer regardless of fitness level!
Carolyn Spiegel via Google September 2017

If you are looking for a great work out with someone who will keep you motivated while keeping you laughing, then look no further! Heather got me into shape for my wedding and I absolutely LOVED hanging out with her during my workout time. Even when she was telling me "SQUAT" lol I was focused but also enjoying myself. She dishes out challenging and intense workouts while helping you adjust your body to correctly perform each movement. The difference between going to crossfit and Be Envied, is you get a customized workout that will benefit the areas you want to work on and someone to truly show you how to hit the right muscle groups. Plus, like Heather says, why are you paying people to watch you do cardio when you can do that at home! She's there to help you workout legs, arms, abs, etc not just burn calories on a treadmill. 

Not only did I lose weight and inches while working with Heather, I also improved my quality of life and she helped me recover after two surgeries. Before I started training with Heather I was doing my squats and lunges wrong because of my bad hip flexers, she worked with me for months to help me correct how my body was over compensating for tight overworked muscles. Not only was I hitting muscles I'd never worked before but I started walking straighter and feeling so much better! Heather is dedicated, motivating and she just makes working out a no brainer!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa Salazar via Google September 2017

After being on a waiting list to train with Heather, I finally got the call! It was well worth the wait (or should I say weight). I started training with Heather in June 2013 and valued every session. She prepares a weekly meal plan, including recipes and a grocery list. She gives you a monthly cardio workout plan for at-home training. Her knowledge far exceeds any of the other trainer I have worked out with. Her studio is private and to say it is clean is an understatement. Due to a schedule change at work I am currently unable to train, but I look forward to the day when I can return, even if I have to be on a waiting list again.
Judi Neff via Google September 2016

I cannot say enough about Heather and my experience working out with her. Heather is AMAZING! She pushes you to achieve what you did not think was possible, but does not push so much that you dread coming back for another training session like you may have felt working out with other trainers. In fact, I ALWAYS looked forward to my strength training days when I would work out with Heather. The time seemed to go by so quickly, and I never had to worry about whether or not I was doing the exercise correctly or if other people were looking at me (these are two things I would often worry about when working out on my own in a gym.) Not only does Heather make sure you are in correct form and doing the exercise correctly, she teaches you how YOU can tell if you are doing the exercise correctly. This is extremely important if your goal is to eventually be able to do strength training exercises on your own in a gym or at home. Because of Heather, I reached my goal much more efficiently than I would have on my own. She is extremely knowledgeable and creates a very individualized exercise and meal plan. She is very flexible if you need to miss a day and will reschedule you. Also, she did not charge me for the training session if I missed a day due to unforeseen circumstances. I am so grateful to her for helping me get on the right path, preparing me for my first 5K, and reaching a goal weight that I didn’t think I would ever see again. If I ever need to reach a new training goal, Heather will be the only person I call. I HIGHLY recommend her to individuals at any fitness level.
Melissa C. via Google January 2015

If you are ready to take responsibility for your personal health and well being, you cannot do better than to work with this trainer.  This is a very conscientious, well educated and well informed person, who manages her business in a most reliable and professional manner.  Heather's expectations and guidelines are clear, and your safety is her priority.  I have been working with her for nearly two years, and am more than happy to recommend her.
Clare via Yelp December 2014

I have been training with Heather at Be Envied Personal Training for 8 months. My posture is markedly improved, I am firmer, much stronger, happier, increased my endurance tremendously and overall feel substantially better.

She prepared me for a difficult hike to Cinque Terre where I was able to climb steep steps of stone for hours and keep up with experienced hikers. I would not have been prepared if it was not for Heather.

I can now lift my 80pound old Irish Setter in my car. I use to struggle to put my luggage overhead in the airplane and now it is so easy. The sessions slip by as she is constantly changing the routine so I am never bored. I actually can use gym equipment and know she will watch me carefully so I am using the tools correctly. I completely endorse and trust Heather..she is the best! :-)
Cynthia via Google December 2014

I was nervous to work with a personal trainer at first, it always seems so intimidating at the gym! But Heather is so much fun to work with and has a gym right in her home, so it's private. Heather works you to your maximum, but I went from 280 lbs to 220 lbs in about three months! Best decision I've made!
Amy via Google August 2014

I want to start by saying, I have joined many gyms and spent thousands of dollars and never went. Probably because I never knew how to properly use any of the equipment except for the treadmill and elliptical. After, I had my daughter I felt fluffy and weak and wanted to get back and shape, but more importantly needed the energy having a little one required. I knew if I joined a gym I would never go and never get results. I found out about Heather from a friend and I knew this was what I needed! Within 2 weeks of starting with Heather I felt so great! I never knew how fun and rewarding working out could be! Heather has an awesome personality and is SO knowledgeable! I can t believe how many exercises I was doing wrong. If I was training by myself I would have gotten injured and never gotten the results. After 4 months of working with Heather I have lost the baby weight and then some, felt stronger and more confident and even took part in my first 5k! Working out with Heather is more efficient and cost effective than working out and the gym and I strongly believe you will get better results sooner!
Natalie via July 19, 2014

I don't even know where to start! Be Envied personal training is the absolute best! Before I started training with Heather, I had very low muscle mass and was very uncomfortable with my body BUT within only a month of training I could see my body changing and felt much stronger! Heather is so supportive and dedicated and was with me 100% on my fitness journey! Be Envied is so much better than a trainer at a gym because there is no distraction, being that it is a one-on-one training environment! The studio is also very calming and fun! I loved it, and actually looked forward to training days!! Be Envied is the BESTTTT!!!!!!
Brianna via November 28, 2012

I love working out with Heather! I have been working out with her for a few months now and look forward to every session we have. I am someone who has struggled with weight my entire life. I have lost quite a bit of weight on my own and needed someone to help me bust through my plateau and help me get to my goal weight for my wedding. Heather has come up with a personalized plan for me and I know I can do it! 

To tell you the truth, I hate working out, I just do it because I know it keeps my weight down. I usually stare at the clock while I am at the gym or in a class waiting for it to be over. This is not the case with Heather, every time I meet her it is a different workout and she is constantly showing me new moves to engage my muscles. I feel like our 1 hour sessions fly by in 10 minutes. She has listened to my complaints about working out being boring and given me cardio sessions to do on my own and those fly by too!! Heather also gives you detailed meal plans each week! I have been to other trainers and no one has ever cared enough to do that! Her gym is relaxing and you do not need to feel self conscious about other people staring at you!!! I love it! And the best part of all? Heather does not gouge you with her prices. She is very affordable even in this tough economy! If you have been wanting to lose weight and feel better about yourself, you owe it to yourself to get started and reach out to Heather!
Katie via Google 2012

I’VE LOST 55 LB. THANKS TO HEATHER (and counting) Her constant support and dedication to my training sections have made my weight loss possible. She is very creative with her exercise plans and I feel extremely at ease working out with her in her private spa-like exercise studio. So if you are looking for a trainer that will be there for you every step of the way call Be Envied Personal Training!
Veronica via January 27, 2012

Heather is AWESOME!  I have been an active person for a long time, but I was in a rut.  I have never seen the changes in my body (muscles) that I have seen working with her.  The studio is great because you are the only one there.  No need to be self-conscious at all. Her workouts are ALWAYS different and never boring!  I really love my training (and my trainer)!
Shelly via January 16, 2012

I only have positive things to say, Heather is wonderful.  The training space is extremely personal without any distractions of other gym members.  I've been a client for months and have never had the same session twice!  Her assistance with diet planning and motivation is second to none.  If you are looking for a truly dedicated and supportive trainer, Be Envied is the place to go.
T.C. via January 4, 2012

I used to never know what to do at the gym. I needed to lose about 20 pounds. I called Heather at Be Envied Personal Training and I am already half way to my goal. Heather truly keeps the workout different every time and I am so motivated by my results.
Cara via Merchant Circle October 5, 2010